Stop ransomware attacks with BelManage

Stop ransomware attacks with BelManage


Most of ransomware breaches can be avoided if five basic controls are implemented.

Ransomware has affected all types of public and private organizations including US state and Local government, healthcare providers, large international enterprises and even managed IT service providers. Will this scourge stop anytime soon? Probably not. As Willie Sutton is claimed to have said when asked why he robs banks, “That's where the money is”. As long as attackers can relatively easily perform successful ransomware attacks and get paid, these attacks will likely continue.

The important thing to know is that these attacks can almost all be prevented. Not by putting the perpetrators in jail, like Willie Sutton, but by implementing cyber defense best practices, such as those recommended by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Belarc's products can help organizations of any size implement the CIS Top 5 controls in an automated and cost effective way.

Belarc's products allow our customers to automatically monitor the CIS 5 Basic Controls, including:

  • Hardware - Identify authorized and unauthorized hardware.
  • Software - Identify authorized and unauthorized software.
  • Vulnerabilities - Continuously monitor all systems for operating system and application vulnerabilities.
  • User Privileges - Control and monitor the use of Administrator Privileges for both Local and Domain accounts.
  • Secure Configurations - Implement and monitor the use of secure configurations on all devices.

Belarc's system automatically monitors the following Controls:

  • Drive Encryption - Monitor all drives and determine if encryption has been fully, partially or not enabled.
  • USB Storage Device usage - Identify all used USB storage devices and compare serial numbers to a list of approved devices.
  • Anti-virus Status - Identify virus definition date, whether real time file scanning is on.
  • OS Update Agent - Identify how the machines are getting their security updates.

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