BelSecure helps users determine their IT security vulnerabilities and compares their IT configurations to the NIST security benchmarks. BelSecure helps automate security processes such as CMMC, FISMA, HIPAA and FFIEC.

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Automate your security processes

The BelSecure Module automatically does a vulnerability assessment of your IT systems, checks security policies, configuration settings, and discovers other information about the host such as anti-virus status, application versions, security patches, user accounts and more. The policy settings are automatically compared with the DISA STIG Windows 10 benchmarks, which allow IT managers to automatically determine the security status of their IT assets in advance of an attack.

All of this vulnerability and configuration data is automatically collected, on a daily basis, in BelSecure's central repository, or CMDB.

Why are configurations important for IT security?

Many current threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats and Ransomware, are not stopped by perimeter security systems such as firewall and anti-virus systems. Setting and monitoring configurations based on proven benchmarks is a critical step because this is a pro-active way to avoid most successful attacks.

Our white paper, "Securing the Enterprise – Enterprise-wide, standards-based, continuous monitoring of automated security controls", describes modern solutions to this problem in more detail and is available for download.

Securing the Enterprise - Cybersecurity Myths & Reality

Many cyber attacks today, including the growing number of ransomware attacks, are not stopped by traditional cybersecurity tools such as anti-virus, firewalls or intrusion detection and prevention systems. The solution to stopping today's attacks is to go back to the basics of cybersecurity and implement standard security controls and monitor them on a continuous basis.

BelSecure Module features

  • Automated, daily vulnerability assessment, including all Microsoft OS and application vulnerabilities, Adobe vulnerabilities, anti-virus status, and more.
  • Web portal architecture. WAN based operation. Single Intranet server and database.
  • Automatic comparison with DISA STIGS for Windows 10.
  • Automatically collects all of the configuration and vulnerability data into a central repository, or CMDB.
  • Helps automate security processes such as CMMC, FISMA, HIPAA and FFIEC.

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Securing the Enterprise - Cybersecurity Myths & Reality

System Requirements

  • Monitored Clients: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. BelSecure offers both installable or agent-less solutions.