Monitor security controls for Critical Infrastructure

Monitor security controls for Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure - OT Security

Monitor security controls for critical infrastructure OT assets.

Belarc automatically monitors important OT security controls for HMI and SCADA systems using Belarc's proven architecture. See short video below.

Belarc's critical infrastructure customers include Chevron, Shell Canada, Novelis, ExxonMobil.

Belarc's products allow our customers to automatically monitor these important OT security controls:

  • Detailed asset inventory - Including detailed software installed, versions, last used when and by whom. Detailed hardware, including firmware and BIOS versions.
  • All network attached devices - Such as IP phones, printers, contractor laptops, IoT devices.
  • Vulnerabilities - Continuously monitor all systems for operating system and application vulnerabilities.
  • User Privileges - Monitor the use of Administrator Privileges for both Local and Domain accounts.
  • Secure Configurations - Implement and monitor the use of secure configurations such as the DISA STIGS.
  • Software Compliance - Insure that all installed software is approved and the correct version.
  • USB Storage Device usage - Monitor USB storage device usage and alert when unauthorized devices are used.
  • OS Update Agent - Monitor where the computing devices are getting their updates.
  • Drive Encryption - Monitor the encryption status of all drive media.
  • Track Changes - Show all important software, hardware and security configuration changes.

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