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Your!PC - New site for personalized PC upgrade advice

Concord, MA - November 14, 1997 - Belarc, Inc. announces Your!PC (, the new Internet web site that gives visitors personalized details on how they can best enhance their PC's performance. What does their PC need to best run the latest games, office suites or CAD programs? Your!PC can help answer these questions, without requiring users to become technical experts!

Your!PC uses Belarc's patented Belarc Advisor system to automatically tell visitors how their PCs compare to our recommended systems for games/entertainment, office or engineering applications. Did you ever want to buy more memory but were not sure what types would work? Or how about processor upgrades? Now that MMX upgrades are available, upgrading might make sense. But which ones will run in your system? Your!PC answers all of these questions, and best of all requires no technical expertise. Try it out buy going to:

About Belarc

Belarc develops and licenses personalized content delivery systems. Our systems are licensed by some of the leading Internet merchants such as NECX Direct, ComputerESP and Insight Direct. On these sites, click on the Belarc button and you will know with certainty that you are buying the right product the first time.

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