Belarc, Inc. and NECX Direct announce an agreement to use the Belarc Advisor Internet Sales Tool system on NECX Direct’s Internet Catalog.

Introduction of a new series of Internet Sales tools, providing shoppers with conveniences and unique features not available through traditional catalog or retail sales media.

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Belarc, Inc. -- Mr. Sumin Tchen Tel: 508-371-2365 Fax: 508-369-7783 Email:

For NECX Direct -- Ms. Michele Glorie Tel: 617-494-9500 Fax: 617-494-1818 Email:

Concord, Mass., Nov. 1, 1996 -- Belarc, Inc., a supplier of unique and innovative Internet sales tools, announces the introduction of its Belarc Advisor system. This system allows Internet catalogs and merchants to easily present each shopper with product choices that best fit the shoppers’ personal needs.

NECX Direct is using the Belarc Advisor system to help shoppers looking for computer hardware and software products to easily find the right products for their PCs. Best of all, shoppers can do this without needing to know the technical details of their PCs or of the products they would like to purchase. The shopper can now purchase PC game software that will work on their PC out-of-the-box on Christmas Day! Products that will be initially enabled for use with the Belarc Advisor on NECX Direct’s Internet catalog include: all classes of software, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, multimedia cards, video adapters, LAN adapters, processor upgrades, and more.

“By using the Belarc Advisor, we are hoping that our customers will more easily identify the computer products that best meet their needs”, says Judy Ashley, Director of MIS at NECX. “On the Internet, shoppers cannot touch and feel the products. The Belarc Advisor should be able to improve the customer’s shopping experience and the quality of the information the shopper needs to make a purchase decision.”

Belarc, Inc. develops and licenses Internet sales tools to Internet Merchants and Catalog companies. Belarc has applied for patents covering the Belarc Advisor system.

NECX Direct is a division of NECX, the world’s largest independent distributor of semiconductors and computer products, with revenues of over $448 million. As the most comprehensive computer products superstore on the Internet, NECX Direct provides corporate, education and government buyers and consumers with a $500 million dollar inventory of brand-name computer products from the industry’s best known manufacturers. In addition, tens of thousands of full color product images, and over 750,000 individual product specifications help buyers make informed purchasing decisions. NECX is a privately held company founded in 1980. It employs over 250 people and conducts business from its worldwide corporate headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts. NECX Direct’s WWW address (URL) is