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New PC Management system, BelManage, off to a fast start with Clear Channel Communications, Commercial Federal Bank, Kaiser-Francis Oil, Terayon Communications, Veterans Administration, Worthington Industries, and more.

Maynard, MA - October 13, 2000 - Belarc, Inc. today announced its new PC management system, BelManage, and major end-users including Clear Channel Communications, Commercial Federal Bank, Terayon Communications, Kaiser-Francis Oil, Worthington Industries, Veterans Administration, and more. BelManage is the first PC management system to fully utilize Internet protocols to help make managing PCs on a company's Intranet easy and automatic.

"Clear Channel operates 1,096 radio, 19 television stations and 750,000 outdoor advertising displays in the United States", said John Szurek, Director of Corporate Business Applications. "We have a very geographically dispersed environment. BelManage has been easy to deploy over our Intranet and gives us the accurate and up-to-date information we need to manage our PC assets. BelManage only requires one Intranet server. Once we distribute the BelManage client, everything else is automatic."

"Commercial Federal Bank is a $13.8 billion federal savings bank that operates more than 240 branches in eight States", said Jim Collison, Support Center Systems Engineer. "We required a system that we could easily deploy on our Intranet and would allow us to manage our software licenses and installed hardware. BelManage automatically creates the database and reports we need to manage our systems."

"Terayon Communication Systems provides innovative broadband systems and solutions for the delivery of advanced voice, data and video services", said Matt Reichenborn, Help Desk Supervisor. "BelManage works extremely well in our environment and Belarc's support is excellent."

"The main reasons our customers are using BelManage are that it is accurate, easy to deploy, automatic and affordable", said Sumin Tchen, Chairman, Belarc. "Our near term plans include releasing a change history option and a software updates option. BelManage will also be available as an ASP (application service provider) service through Belarc and our partners."

BelManage allows users to simplify and automate the management of all of their workstations, servers and laptops throughout the world, using one BelManage Intranet server. Other BelManage features include the following:

  • Asset Tracking with detailed software and hardware reports. Quickly determine costs to upgrade to new software packages, such as Windows 2000.
  • Software License compliance reports to easily see the number of licenses installed and how they are being used.
  • Change History option to automatically track all software and hardware changes.
  • Performance Monitoring of important parameters such as hard drive S.M.A.R.T. status, network activity, CPU utilization, reboots, temperature, voltage and more.
  • Software updates option to automatically show only the IT staff which PCs need the latest Microsoft critical updates.

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