Belarc Advisor system offers Microsoft Merchant Server web sites unique shopping and tech support tools for PC product catalogs

Concord, MA -- March 24, 1997 -- Belarc, Inc., an independent software developer of Internet commerce tools, today announced that its Belarc Advisor system now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Merchant Server, Microsoft’s Internet commerce solution.

The Belarc Advisor system is the first Internet commerce tool to help On-line PC shoppers automatically buy the right PC hardware and software products for their home or office systems, without needing to know the technical requirements and specifications of the products or of their PC systems.

“Belarc offers a unique service to our Merchant Server customers building on-line businesses for the sale of PC hardware and software,” said Jonathan Weinstein, Lead Marketing Manager for Microsoft’s Internet Commerce group. “With the Belarc Advisor, consumers can be assured that the PC products they purchase on the Internet will be compatible with their existing systems.”

“We are very pleased to work with Microsoft’s Internet commerce group and their Merchant Server product line,” said Sumin Tchen and Gary Newman, founders of Belarc. “Microsoft’s active development of Internet commerce solutions and unique applications such as the Belarc Advisor will help to make the Internet a very compelling place for transacting business.”

Belarc develops and licenses unique electronic commerce products for computer resellers and direct marketers of computer products. Our systems are licensed by some of the leading Internet Merchants, such as NECX Direct ( When you go to these sites, and click on the Belarc button, you will know with certainty that you will be buying the right product for your computer. Belarc has applied for patents covering the Belarc Advisor system. Additional information is available on Belarc’s web site at

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