U.S. National Park Service manages 18,000 computers with Belarc's BelManage system

BelManage system is deployed throughout the Park Service in a matter of weeks
Maynard, MA, USA -- 29 January 2003 -- Belarc, Inc. announced today that the U.S. National Park Service (NPS), has deployed its BelManage PC management system, throughout the NPS' widely distributed network of desktops, servers and laptops.

BelManage allows organizations to easily manage their desktops, servers and laptops located anywhere in the world from one Intranet server and SQL database. Common tasks include managing software licenses, consolidating legacy applications, planning for Windows 2000/XP upgrades and hardware refreshes, controlling software and hardware adds and removes, and more.

"The NPS office of the CIO was given the challenge by the Director to gather a complete and accurate inventory of all of our computer assets in a very short time frame", said John Snyder, Deputy CIO for Technology. "BelManage and our IT personnel met this challenge with flying colors. The system was deployed in a matter of weeks throughout our widely distributed network. I can now log into the system and immediately see accurate and up-to-date information on all of our computer assets. Our local administrators also regularly use the system to help maintain their computer assets."

"BelManage is very well suited to large, geographically distributed computer systems, such as the one at the National Park Service", said Sumin Tchen, Chairman, Belarc. "The NPS' BelManage server easily manages daily updates from their 18,000 computers, updates their SQL database and creates Web reports. Best of all, BelManage automatically replicates the organizational structure at the NPS so that the relevant reports are available for the headquarters, regional and local administrators."

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