Create secure Work From Home (WFH) environments

Enabling Work From Home (WFH) is happening in all organizations today. We need to be sure that those WFH computers are not creating security risks when they VPN into our corporate or government networks. ​This is equally true for company or government issued computers and personal ones.

The best way to accomplish this is to follow the Center for Internet Security's (CIS) 5 Basic Controls and the recent NIST Security for Enterprise Telework recommendations.

Belarc's BelManage system allows organizations to accomplish this with an automated and cost effective system that can be deployed on-premises, on our customer's cloud, or via Belarc SaaS. See diagram below.

Belarc's products allow our customers to automatically monitor the CIS 5 Basic Controls, including:

  • Hardware - Identify authorized and un-authorized hardware.
  • Software - Identify authorized and un-authorized software.
  • Vulnerabilities - Continuously monitor all systems for operating system and application vulnerabilities.
  • User Privileges - Control and monitor the use of Administrator Privileges for both Local and Domain accounts.
  • Secure Configurations - Implement and monitor the use of secure configurations on all devices.
In addition Belarc's system automatically monitors the following Controls:
  • Drive Encryption - Monitor all drives and determine if encryption has been fully, partially or not enabled.
  • USB Storage Device usage - Identify all used USB storage devices and compare serial numbers to a list of approved devices.
  • Anti-virus Status - Identify virus definition date, whether realtime file scanning is on.
  • OS Update Agent - Identify how the machines are getting their security updates.
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