U.S. Government SAM Seminar

Belarc, is sponsoring a U.S. Government SAM Seminar on Tuesday February 14, 2017 at the Washington DC Economic Partnership, 1495 F Street NW, Washington, D.C. The Seminar will allow you to learn from software licensing experts in IBM and Oracle licensing and to share thoughts with your peers in government. Details are below:

  • Date: 14 February 2017
  • Time: 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, registration opens at 8:00 AM EST.
  • Location: Washington DC Economic Partnership, 1495 F Street NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Cost: $200. Free to government employees and contractors.
  • To register, please send an email to info@belarc.com mentioning the U.S. Government SAM Seminar.


8-8:30 Registration
8:30-9 Welcome and "ITAM is Broken - What's the future"
9-10 4 Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Oracle Business Relationship (see details below)
10-10:30 Government case study
10:30-11 Refreshments
11-12 IBM licensing overview
12-1 Buffet lunch
1-2 Roundtable discussions with peers
2-3 Panel discussion with audience Q&A and closing remarks


Craig Guarente, Palisade Compliance CEO and Founder

Craig is the CEO and founder of Palisade Compliance. Founded in 2011, Palisade Compliance, is now the leading independent provider of Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance advisory services. Before founding Palisade, Craig worked at Oracle for over 15 years where he was Oracle's Global Vice President of Contracts, Business Practices, and Migrations. In addition to his Global VP role, Craig was also the Global Process Owner for Oracle's customer audit teams (LMS), a member of Oracle's CIO advisory board, and Oracle's representative on the Oracle User Group's contract and licensing advisory board.

4 Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Oracle Business Relationship

Oracle technology is ubiquitous in the government sector and its costs are usually the number one or number two line item in an organization's IT budget. As Oracle's core technology sales slow down, and they look for more and more revenue, they are pushing their clients harder than ever using a strategy of software audits, complex and vague contracts, and hard charging sales reps to push their customers into spending more money. The results are more money for Oracle, less money in your IT budget, and a trail of dissatisfied customers.

In this session we will review Oracle's strategy and how they gain leverage on their customers. We will then outline 4 steps you can take right now to anticipate Oracle's moves and turn their tactics into your advantage. Government agencies that follow these 4 Steps will spend less with Oracle, achieve compliance, and take back control of their relationship with Oracle.

To register and for additional information, please send an email to info@belarc.com referencing the U.S. Government SAM Seminar.